Today is the last day of the outgoing 2018, which means that it’s time to sum up.

In 2018, we rethought and changed a lot. We changed the priorities of many projects, and some started from scratch.

This year we wanted to release One Night In The House, but this did not happen. The Onith project was rethought and started from scratch, wait for the news in 2019 about this, we will tell you everything.

Let’s move on to the traditional list:

  1. The project One Night In The House has been heavily reworked, wait for news about it;
  2. HGPlay has been improved, it is now faster;
  3. Unnecessary features in HGPlay have been disabled;
  4. Added English translation in HGPlay;
  5. Restarted the program Hight Games Insider;
  6. And much more.

The project which was released this year:

 ESO Trade Guild Tool

Android widget application developed by FAR747 and released on August 7th.
The application was developed for the Elder Scrolls Online audience.

This is a typical widget application for merchants in which you can add up to 5 guilds. The widget will remind you of the need to trade. But this is not the only thing. The application has implemented the function of notification of problems on the servers.

It is planned to add another functionality to the application, but this will already be in 2019.



We have it all. Happy new year 2019 to you. Thanks to everyone who helped us and supported us. In 2019 there will be a lot of interesting things!


CEO Hight Games


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